Are your parts made of pre-preg carbon fiber or wet-layup carbon fiber?
All our parts are made from pre-preg carbon fiber, and are vacuum-bagged and cooked in an autoclave. This produces the strongest and lightest parts and the highest quality.

Do you offer your parts in any material other than standard carbon fiber?
Yes, we also offer all our parts to be made in fiber glass and supplied in primer ready to paint.

Can you use the wheel spacers if you have lowering springs already on the car?
Yes, as long as you have the factory wheels on the car.

Can I fit the parts myself or do I have to take the car to a dealership?
All of our products replace the existing parts and are engineered to screw/bolt to the existing brackets on the car. Apart from our front bumpers, hoods and side skirts, which should be fitted by trained professionals, all the parts are simple to install and take very little time. They all come with comprehensive fitting instructions.

Do you have to remove the bumper to fit the rear diffusers?
No, they simple bolt to the existing brackets and/or undertray.

Do you offer a painting service to paint the primed fiberglass parts ?
Yes, we do offer a painting service to paint the parts to match your car exterior. Please Contact Us for a paint quote for a particular part.

Does the carbon fiber you use match the Aston Martin factory carbon fiber ?
Yes, we use the same carbon fiber both in quality and weave size.

Do you offer different carbon fiber finishes ?
Yes, we offer glossy or matte carbon fiber finishes, which match the Aston Martin factory finishes.

Are the carbon fiber side mirrors just covers or complete replacements ?
The carbon fiber mirrors are complete replacement parts, they are not covers that stick over the top of your current factory painted mirrors.

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