We are often asked how and where our parts are manufactured, after-all, the process used to create quality car parts, especially when it comes to carbon fiber can affect the final product vastly. The V Collection goal is to design and manufacture products that are worthy of Aston Martin vehicles. We use the same process and carbon fiber as the high-end OEM car companies.  

The V Collection carbon fiber and FRP parts are all produced in-house at our facility in Southern California. Our composites department is approx 2,000 sq ft of dedicated space for FRP part production and tooling fabrication. The department also boasts an advanced Composites area inside a 1,300 sqft clean room specializing in pre-impregnated (also referred to as pre-preg) carbon fiber layup. 

To give confidence to our clients in the quality and refinement of our products; outlined below is the step-by-step process The V Collection uses to produce its carbon fiber parts. The V Collection also offers several products that are carbon fiber versions of the OEM plastic/metal parts, such as our carbon fiber door sills or rear lamp infills. These parts are produced from molds taken directly from the original parts, they are not just covered in carbon fiber.

Stage 1 — Laser scanning

Regardless of which Aston Martin vehicle we are designing parts for, the process is always the same. We start off by digitizing the car using our Nikon K600 Laser scanning system.  This allows us to scan any parts of the car with great detail and precise accuracy.  

Stage 2 — 3D Digital modelling/design

Using the scan data of the car, this allows our computer modelers & designers to build and visualize a new part (like a diffuser, splitter or spoiler etc…) with great accuracy.  The benefit of using this process is that all our parts fit flawlessly to the cars and we are able to visualize the parts on a particular car prior to moving into production.  This allows us to review the part design and ensure it complements the cars design not distract from it.

Stage 3 — CNC Milling

Once a part design data has been finalized, it is then passed over to our engineering group to program the design to be milled on one of our CNC milling machines.  If the final part being produced is to be made of FRP, a mold is milled.  If the final part is to be produced in carbon fiber, a master part is milled ready to be molded.

Stage 4 — Part molding

The milled master parts are surfaced to a smooth finish and molded in high-temp FRP/epoxy material. This ensures that the molds do not warp or deteriate during the curing/auto clave process.  A considerable amount of time is spent during this process to ensure that the mold is finished to an extremely smooth finish, since the final  part quality rests a lot on the mold quality.

Stage 5 — Carbon Fiber layup

The mold is then used to layup the final carbon fiber part.  Our advanced composite team layup the part using pre-impregnated (also referred to as Pre-Preg) carbon fiber.  This type of carbon fiber has the epoxy resin already infused into the carbon fiber material prior to being placed in the mold.  This method allows the surfacing ply weave to be controlled and kept consistent across the part.  Many of our external parts are laid up creating a ‘v’ pattern down the center of the part.  This is possible since the carbon fiber for many of our more complex parts, have the carbon fiber material laser cut using our Gerber cutter.  This allows us to efficiently layup the parts with minimum of material waste and most importantly – produce the highest of quality parts with consistent weave.

Stage 6 — Vacuum Bag

When the pre-preg carbon fiber has been laid in the molds, a vacuum bag is then placed around the mold.  This causes the pressure inside the bag to reduce and the external pressure to increase, this removes any excess air and resin.  The part is then transferred to our in-house AutoClave where the part is cured for several hours.

Stage 7 — Finishing of Parts

Once the parts are de-molded and trimmed, the parts are clear coated & sanded several times to achieve a glossy or matte finish.  The automotive clear coat also provides UV protection and prevents fading of the parts if exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.  The parts are then completed with a final polish.

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